Full body PPF offers a multitude of benefits over partially wrapped cars and other options for paint protection. As the XPEL Ultimate PLUS or XPEL Stealth film covers the entire body, it offers ultimate protection. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • No chips, scratches, or swirls anywhere. This option might have a higher initial cost, but you save money on repairs, repainting, and maintenance, which makes this option a great choice for vehicle owners.

  • Effortless maintenance. Since every section of your car is wrapped and protected, washing and cleaning is simple because there’s no need to be ultra gentle or careful. Maintenance is easy, stress-free, and affordable.

  • Drive your car in any season or environment and know it will still look pristine. Winter road salts? Track day? Extended road trips where you can’t wash your vehicle as often? No Problem.

  • Uniform paint finish, extreme gloss or transform your vehicle to a beautiful Satin/Matte finish with XPEL Stealth.

FULL PPF Wrap + Ceramic Pro Coating

Add a Ceramic Pro coating to enhance the look of the paint protection film. Ceramic Pro’s PPF/Vinyl product is specifically designed for paint protection film. Along with all the benefits of our Ceramic Pro coatings, it fills the pores of the film to help prevent contaminates embedding in the surface. The film will stay cleaner and be even easier to clean, while still maintaining the self-healing properties of the film!

Full XPEL Stealth Wrap + Ceramic Pro Coating

Audi RS7

Full XPEL Ultimate PLUS + Ceramic Pro Coating


Full XPEL ULtimate Plus PPF Wrap

Ford GT

Full XPEL Ultimate Plus Wrap + Ceramic Pro Coating

Audi SQ5

Full XPEL Ultimate PLUS Wrap + Ceramic Pro Coating

Audi RS4

full Xpel stealth + Ceramic Pro Coatings

Tesla model 3’s

Full xpel stealth wrap


Full XPEL Stealth Wrap + Ceramic Pro Coating

Tesla Model 3


Lamborghini Huracan

Full XPEL Stealth Wrap + Ceramic Pro Coating

Tesla Model 3

Full XPEL ULtimate Plus PPF Wrap

Dodge Viper GTS-R

Full XPEL Ultimate PLUS PPF Wrap + Ceramic Pro Coating

Camaro ZL1

Full XPEL Stealth wrap


Full XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF Wrap + Ceramic Pro Coating

Corvette ZR1


“I absolutely love my stealth wrap. The full wrap gives me peace of mind knowing it will absorb scratches and scuffs and heal itself. It gives me a layer of protection while parking in a busy parking lot for work, which is one of the reasons I wanted the full wrap instead of just the front. It’s great knowing that under the wrap is the original paint that’ll look great down the road when I look to sell my car. Getting the full stealth wrap and combining it with ceramic coating was the best decision I made for my car. It’s so easy to wash and I don’t have to worry about swirl marks like I did before. I also can’t get enough of the look of my car after the wrap. The stealth wrap gives it an amazing matte finish that has gotten so many compliments. I definitely recommend the full wrap, especially the stealth if you’re looking for something that protects the paint, looks great, and makes your car stand out.”

- Kyle Deitering, XPEL Stealth Tesla Model 3

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