Window Film/Window Tint

The latest enhancement to our tint line is IRP window film (Infrared Performance). It incorporates an IR nano-particle coating that maximizes optical clarity while providing a shield of protection from heat, glare and harmful UV rays. The solar control and color stability of the non-metal IRP, along with its uncompromising looks, places it a cut above other window films!

Each level of our window film provides relief from extreme heat, bright sunlight, and glare. They block harmful UV rays to protect both passengers and auto interior. In addition, each variation of our tints are backed by a LIFETIME Warranty against peeling, bubbling, and discoloration!


This is our standard color-stable dyed film with 25% infrared (heat) rejection. 

2 Front Side Windows - Start at $80
FULL Sedan + Rear Glass - Start at $250


Our high performance hybrid dyed/metallized film providing 45% infrared (heat) rejection.

2 front side windows - start at $100
FULL Sedan + Rear Glass- Start at $295

XPEL XR Nano Ceramic

This is our best film and is made with ceramic particles that filter out up to 88% of infrared radiation (heat). 

2 Front side windows - Start at $130
FULL Sedan + Rear Glass - Start at $395

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